Discover the secrets that make the successful person successful in all aspects of life. The only workshop that will make you able to start without hesitation and change your view of success.

secret #1
I believe that each of us has a tremendous capacity for production, achievement and giving, and these capabilities are what stands behind the success. We are working on preparing the person and the leader behind the successful project or business, and you will learn what this secret is all about in our workshop.

Secret #2
You will get acquainted with the foundations of the right start and we will go together towards starting the journey step by step, it does not matter if you are the owner of a business or that you intend to start now or even if you do not have the idea yet, this workshop is for you.

Secret #3
Many of us say I have to do or I have to keep going but the initial enthusiasm quickly goes away and we don’t do anything, there are effective ways to make you able to continue in the right way, get to know them.


Start 8:00 pm
End 10:00 pm