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What I love most about my job as a coach is the relationships I’ve had with amazing women around the world. Whether I coach them, mentor them, learn from them, or grow personally because of them, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They all helped me live my purpose, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them.

Some of these ladies have had some amazing success lately, and we will all be proud of each one of us because when one woman succeeds, we all win. Female leadership is about building on the bonds to empower each other, uplift each other, and grow together.

We believe that we rise by elevating others. Therefore, I want you to join us in celebrating a new success today which is the beginning of a new phase for us.

I’m very excited to share with you a new stage we’ve reached after we’ve come a long way and to start a new chapter of our journey together – the launch of our website!
Here we will have a portal for consultations, reservations, announcements of events and courses, and the most exciting part is the launch of our blog, where different topics of interest to female entrepreneurs will be shared. We also have allocated a part in the blog section,called Community. Here we will share your stories, you will present some stories and ideas that have turned into projects, and the reader will have the opportunity to click on your story to reach your business site or your business page! Excited to provide this very inspiring section, so let’s start inspiring and supporting each other!

I had the opportunity to meet a lot of women and entrepreneurs last couple of years, listen to your stories, get inspired by your passion, and learn about the obstacles and challenges you face. Watching other women succeed only motivates me to follow my path and find innovative ways to become the real support for you in your journey until you each reach your goals by acquiring ingrained personality traits, establishing your own business, and forming an independent and entrepreneurial leadership outlook.

Truefounders means more to me than just a platform that promotes a course offering or service, Truefounders is the community that makes it happen. It’s about inspiring others, simplifying difficult things, building that personal relationship and being able to give a helping hand. My goal is to be able to reach as many women as I can help them achieve their personal goals and see them go to the top and achieve their goals.

As the well known saying indicates: ” The journey of a mile begins with a single step” our goal is to make this first step less difficult. I’ve focused on the most important aspects to make this first step easier. Our goal is to see you grow from this platform – this is our true measure of success. For this reason, ladies who wish to move forward in the journey of improvement, development and growth are the focus of our work. Our platform is not just about training, you are part of our platform, it is your story that inspires the people out there. Your love and passion is what translates into projects that offer so much.

So, I ask you to indulge yourself in this mission and become an integral part of this community. Get your passion and inspiration regularly. Let’s turn the Trufounders community into what it really is – a mission and a purpose. Because without you there are no Trufounders.

We will continue to use this forum from now on to share our thoughts with you on topics that interest you, stories of a great launch or product success or how you can benefit from this community to grow your business even further. Stay tuned!

By: admin 07/28/2021