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    Two sessions per week for five weeks of live video sessions!

    The Truth About Doing
    Something You Acctually Love!

    How To Build Your Business, so you get to live life on your
    terms and make sure you are enjoying it!
    This program will help you gain a greater understanding of
    yourself and your business by removing the barriers that
    hinder you to reach what you want.
    Join us from your favourite place at home!



    If you’re looking to begin your business journey with a clear
    vision, being a part of this course is a great place to start.

          Day 1      ……..                      Mind Detox

          Day  2     ……..                   Empowerment And Success Staircase

          Day   3     ……..              Find Your Unstoppable Motivation

          Day  4      ……..             Create Your Own Business Idea


    Are you interested in branding but don’t know where to start? You’ll learn all the basics in this introductory course. Branding is not only about a logo and design, but rather it’s about everything that turns your business into a unique brand.

          Day 1      ……..                     The 2 Ultimate Success Factors

          Day  2     ……..                  Build Your Own Startup Strategy

          Day   3     ……..            Create The Identity Of Your Brand


    When you start your new business, especially if you are a solopreneur, this part sometimes feels like the hardest one. You can do your service or sell your product professionally, but when it comes to marketing, it doesn’t revolve around you only! Don’t worry! In this course I will introduce you a very simple ready-to-use strategy that can work for every single startup. It will be simple without the need for a marketing expert. The effectiveness will be guaranteed as well!

          Day 1      ……..                      Marketing Method That Works For You.

          Day  2     ……..                   Create Your Own Marketing Strategy

          Day   3     ……..              Advertising

          Day  4      ……..             Affirmation


    True Founders is a training program that empowers women to launch their startups -even if they are just an idea yet- and tur them into projects awaiting success. Joining this program enables you to believe in yourself, accelerate your success, and achieve your wildest business dreams.

    Tell Me What You Want?

    I want to find myself, discover my purpose & passion, use
    my energy and meet more like- minded people. Then True
    FoundersProgram is for you! You will emerge from this group
    training as a completely different woman with like-minded
    sisters. Get ready for an experience that could change your

    I want to move to the next stage and expand my business.
    You speak my language! If you already started your
    business but looking forward to improve it, then your next
    step is True Founders Program. It includes how to start a
    business, how to launch it, market it, and develop it through
    a different and real method of success.

    A program that empowers you to find your purpose,
    improves your life and enables your emerging projects to
    stand out through trainings, meetings, workshops and
    interactive seminars.

    It is a 5-week personal development program that aims to
    develop start-up projects based on the best scientifically
    proven practices to design a more balanced life in line with
    whatever matters to you most. This program will guide you
    to self-awareness through practical and easy-tounderstand exercises.

    In our daily lives, we usually tend to focus much on specific issues, deadlines or problems that we lose perspective on.
    We are connected all the time with social media, email, news and lots of information! It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed and lose the sense of clarity about what we’re working towards and what we really want in our lives.


    Where is my career heading?
    Why do I feel like I’m always looking for something I don’t
    have right now?
    Am I successful? How does it seem to me to be successful?
    How can I get rid of work anxiety?
    How can I develop my lifestyle and work that I am
    passionate about?
    How should I start?
    Let me tell you right away. You have to start setting goals based on your definition of success. No one can define  your success for you- not your parents, not your partner, not your friends, not the people you know on social media and whom you don’t even know!

    This program is the culmination of years of learning from top authors, thinkers, psychologists, and others. I researched the best practices of positive psychology, discovering the meaning of life, improving performance and productivity. Then, I put the program and methods into
    practice, testing them many times, and constantly improving them through feedbacks from real users.

    This program is for you if you want to

    Learn how to handle business

    Find out how to deal with your business the way you want. Stop imagining your dreams as if they are hard to come true. They are here very simple to be achieved! I will help you turn them from a “hard to achieve” dream to “an easy to implement” goal.

    Whether you are a new entrepreneur or you have not launch your business yet, True Founders will help you launch and develop your project by discovering the goal and ability that make you stand from the crowd.

    Save time and energy

    This program is the shortcut to entrepreneurship. If you do not want to waste your time on trials and errors, learn from your experiences, find the motivation, then learning how to take the right steps, this program is for you. It is your fast way to find all this in no time

    A group that knows nothing but support

    Join a group of women who share the same mindset and ideas. Knowing others and their aspirations enriches our lives, adds to our experiences, and makes us feel connected and supported!

    PLUS, when you enroll today… you’ll also get an awesome

    The Sales Content Template

    You will be getting an awesome easy to use template where you can copy and paste then edit to fit your own business sales page! This is going to save lots of time and energy creating your sales content. Isn’t that just amazing !.

    So, at this point, you may be starting to wonder if a SYSTEM that can deliver all of this is going to be expensive. And who can blame you? That kind of power should be right?


    And even though I could easily charge several thousands for this training and it would be totally worth it… I’m not actually going to do that


    Right now, you can get the entire blueprint and your experience along with the bonus for just a one-time, single, secure payment of only 846 dhs.


    PLUS, your 100% Protected By my 30-day “ZERO RISK GUARANTEE”

    And here’s how it works:

    Start the ‘ True Founders’ course for a test drive, put everything to work, and see how it works for YOU specifically.

    And if at any time, you find that it wasn’t worth the 846 dhs
    … or you didn’t get the results you expected, just let me know, and I’ll IMMEDITALEY give you a refund. Sounds fair…?”

    So, if you want to learn the secret to creating the life of your dreams, plus get the AMAZING bonus, then you need to click the button below Right Now to secure your spot NOW and here is why ?

    So, if you want to learn the secret to creating the life of your dreams, plus get the AMAZING bonus, then you need to click the button below Right Now to secure your spot NOW and here is why ?

    And don’t delay, I’m limiting this because I need to keep the class small so I can work closely with everyone on a more personal level

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